Tuesday, April 09, 2019

9th Fraunhofer IMS Workshop on CMOS Imaging

9th Fraunhofer IMS Workshop on CMOS Imaging to be held in Duisburg, Germany on May 7-8 2019, publishes its agenda:

"After a series of very successful workshops since 2002 we are happy to announce our 9th workshop on CMOS Imaging, a forum for the European industry and academia to meet and exchange the latest developments in CMOS based imaging technology. 15 presentations of excellent speakers stand for the high quality level of the event.

This year’s key topics are 3D imaging and LiDAR technologies, detectors for space, quantum imaging, and new trends in CMOS imaging, among others.

  • Flash LiDAR with CSPAD Arrays, Jennifer Ruskowski, Fraunhofer IMS
  • Components for LiDAR in Industrial and Automotive Applications, Winfried Reeb & Jeff Britton, Laser Components
  • Scanning Solid State LiDAR, Michael Kiehn, IBEO Automotive
  • LiDAR Sensors for ADAS and AD, Alexis Debray, Yole Développement SA
  • LiDAR Receivers for Automotive Applications, Marc Schillgalies, First Sensor AG
  • CMOS SPAD Array for Flash LiDAR, Ralf Kühnold, ELMOS AG
  • Advanced optical inspection with in-line computational Imaging, Ernst Bodenstorfer, AIT Austrian Institute of Technology GmbH
  • Backside Illumination Technology for CMOS Imagers, Stefan Dreiner, Fraunhofer IMS
  • Datasheets and Real Performance of CMOS Image Sensors, Albert Theuwissen, Harvest Imaging
  • CMOS SPAD Arrays for Fundamental Research, Peter Fischer, Universität Heidelberg
  • Optical Imaging based on Quantum Technologies, Nils Trautmann, Carl Zeiss AG
  • Ghost Imaging Using Entangled Photons, Dominik Walter, Fraunhofer IOSB
  • ISS Rendezvous and Beyond – LiDAR Sensors in Space, Jakub Bikowski, Jena-Optronik GmbH
  • Challenges for Optical Detectors in Space, Dirk Viehmann, Airbus D+S
  • CMOS TDI Detector for Earth Observation, Stefan Gläsener, Fraunhofer IMS
  • Optional: Visit of Fraunhofer Wafer Fab

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