Monday, April 08, 2019

Vision System Design 2019 Innovators Awards

VisionSystemDesign: Omnivision OS02C10 1080p HDR CMOS sensor won Vision Systems Design's Silver Innovator's Award. The OS02C10 has 2.9 µm pixel with QE of 60% at 850 µm and 40% at 940 µm. The sensor combines OmniVision’s ultra-low light (ULL) and Nyxel near-infrared (NIR) technologies to enable nighttime camera performance.

Sony Image Sensing Solutions XCG-CP510 polarized camera and SDK won Gold AWARD. In 2018, Sony Europe’s Image Sensing Solutions division launched the XCG-CP510 that uses Sony’s IMX250MZR sensor with on-chip polarization filters. In addition, Sony launched an SDK, which provides a dedicated image processing library to speed solution development, as well as numerous functions, such as stress measurement, glare reduction, and support functions such as demosaic and raw extraction.

LUCID Vision Labs Helios ToF 3D camera won Gold Awatd too. The camera is based on Sony’s DepthSense IMX556PLR BSI ToF image sensor with high NIR sensitivity, 10μm pixel size and high modulation contrast ratio. The camera can produce depth data at 60 fps with 640×480 resolution over a PoE Gigabit Ethernet interface. The camera has a precision of 2.5mm at 1m and 4.5mm at 2m.

Photoneo MotionCam-3D won Platinum Award for its "Parallel Structured Light Technology." The technology lets users capture high resolution images of moving objects at a maximum speed of 40 m/second. The camera also features a custom CMOS image sensor and can acquire 1068 x 800-point clouds at up to 60 fps. Additionally, the 3D camera features an NVIDIA Maxwell GPU and a recommended scanning distance of 350 to 2000 mm.

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