Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Image Sensors in Jewelry

There happens to be one emerging application that is not sensitive to image quality, pixel size, power consumption, or any other parameter - jewelry. It is not clear how large this market is:


  1. Maybe we should get those for the IISS awards. Like the championship rings in US sports ;-)

  2. I wanna buy one, can I get it from Amazon :)

  3. I still have my VVL cufflinks. From memory a monochrome VL1043 in original production ceramic package!

  4. Indeed, I have some Photobit PB159 cufflinks. I also have a CCD tie clip, which is doubly out of fashion.

  5. Which one is most exclusive ? VVL or Photobit ? Probably VVL because they were first ....

    1. They are both pretty exclusive. VVL was founded first, and produced passive pixel image sensors. Photobit was first with CMOS active pixel image sensors (incl intra pixel charge transfer), and then within a few years VVL switched to active pixels, as did Omnivision. Reticon and Hitachi both offered passive pixel sensors before VVL. Photobit's first tag line was "Leading the Active Pixel Revolution"

  6. a piece of jewelery is actualy a nice gift for someone working in this area, I asked at a goldsmith today and broght him some sensors, he will convert them into something cool the next days. Thanks for the inspiration guys ;-)


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