Tuesday, April 02, 2019

Himax Presents 1mW Always-On Intelligent Camera

Globenewswire: Himax and its wholly-owned subsidiary Emza Visual Sense release their second generation “WiseEye IoT” intelligent vision solution. Compared to first generation solutions, WiseEye 2.0 is “IoT Ready” adding a proprietary processor to Emza’s AI-based machine learning computer vision algorithms and Himax’s low-power CMOS sensor. The new camera provides higher resolution and better efficiency with less power consumption. These new developments enable cost effective addition of human presence detection and identification to next generation consumer IoT devices in security systems, smart homes and buildings.

The key features of the WiseEye 2.0 IoT solution include:

  • Battery-powered human detection sensor: Designed with the combination of an ultra-low-power image sensor and energy efficient CV image processing algorithm, the battery-powered IoT visual sensor enables the always-on camera to wake up devices based on specific patterns or movements.
  • AI-based machine learning at the edge: Unique combination of ultra-low power consumption combined with AI-based machine learning, enables battery operated devices with advanced intelligence that were never previously available for smart home, security and consumer IoT applications.
  • No passive infrared (PIR) sensors required: Current PIR-based sensors used for low power motion detection have no intelligence and as a result deliver a costly level of false-positives. WiseEye 2.0 provides low power with high intelligence to significantly increase accuracy and decrease false alarms.
  • Pre-roll feature: The always-on camera stores all frames related to an alarm including footage from before the event occurred.
  • High accuracy human classification: With human recognition from up to 10 meters away, WiseEye 2.0 is significantly more accurate than first generation solutions.

WiseEye 2.0 brings an enhanced user experience and better-informed decision-making based on minimal power and cost requirements. We plan to release the reference design in Q3 2019 including all components and functions for OEMs and ODMs to simplify integration of advanced vision functionality into their current and next generation IoT devices,” said Yoram Zylberberg, CEO of Emza Visual Sense.

"We are excited about WiseEye 2.0 and the level of integration we have achieved between the new HM0360 camera, algorithm and processor," said Amit Mittra, CTO of Himax Imaging. "The result is sub 1 mW always-on functionality, faster response times and power requirements 1-2 orders of magnitude lower than previous solutions. This is what our customers are specifying for their smart home/building, security, automotive, and consumer IoT applications."

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