Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Teledyne e2v Re-Announces 4K 710fps APS-C Sensor with GS

GlobeNewswire: Teledyne e2v announces samples availability of Lince11M sensor half a year after the original announcement. Lince11M is designed for applications that require 4K resolution at very high shutter speed. This standard sensor combines 4K resolution at 710 fps in APS-C format.


  1. 45e of temporal noise ???
    only 60db of dynamic range,
    60% max QE

    Are there some typo, as seems a (very) low perf sensor?

    1. in the list of properties you list, you skip the main feature of this sensor: 11.2MP 10bit at 615fps means 8600MB/s datarate off the sensor. The main feature of this sensor is - its very fast.

  2. This sensor is oriented toward scientific applications mainly. Clearly isn't a sensor for mobile phones. 60dB of DR isn't very strange if the sensor work in global shutter mode, which is the case. The same happens for the noise level. Most of the sensor works in rolling shutter when the floor noise may be very low, but are not good for sensing objects moving at high speed because appears moving artifacts

  3. Looks like a noisy version of the flex4k-GS


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