Friday, November 29, 2019

Lucid Vision Publishes EMVA Measurements of Sony 4th Generation BSI Global Shutter Sensor

Lucid Vision Labs publishes EMVA1288 data of its Atlas 10 camera based on 24MP Sony IMX530 sensor with 2.74um BSI pixels, a part of 4th generation Pregius-S family announced in October 2019:


  1. The data state to be EMVA1288, but they don't provide an EMVA1288 data sheet, which is not compliant!

  2. For a 2.74um GS pixel, 9500 e- saturation capacity is a bit small.

  3. Really ? This is 9500e- is small for TrueCDS Global Shutter? Even TJ 2.8um acheive 7000e- on 2017 IISW


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