Saturday, November 02, 2019

Goodix Under-Display Fingerprint Sensor Reverse Engineering

SystemPlus Consulting publishes reverse engineering report on the "Latest cost-optimized optical fingerprint sensor in Huawei P30 Pro smartphone."

"Synaptics launched the first optical fingerprint scanner on the market in 2018, with a lens-free solution. It was quickly followed by Goodix, also with a lens-free solution. This year, Goodix has launched its second generation optical fingerprint scanner, the first such product to use a lens.

The latest Goodix under-display optical fingerprint scanner has been found in Huawei P30 and P30 Pro, Vivo X23 and NEX S and other smartphones.

This scanner uses optical fingerprint technology that allows integration under the display. The new Goodix technology is radically different from those previously observed. Adding lenses reduces the pixel and CMOS image sensor die areas drastically, while keeping the same scanning area. The sensor die area and cost are much reduced.

The sensor has a resolution of 39,000 pixels, with a pixel density of 5,080ppi. The module’s light source is provided by the OLED display. The sensor is connected by wire bonding to the flexible printed circuit and uses a CMOS process.

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