Monday, November 04, 2019

Consumer Camera Sensors Comparison

MDPI publishes a paper "Photographic Noise Performance Measures Based on RAW Files Analysis of Consumer Cameras" by by Jorge Igual from Universitat Politècnica de València, Spain.

"Photography is being benefited from the huge improvement in CMOS image sensors. New cameras extend the dynamic range allowing photographers to take photos with a higher quality than they could imagine one decade ago. However, the existence of different technologies make more complicated the photographic analysis of how to determine the optimal camera exposure settings. In this paper, we analyze how the different noise models are translated to different signal to noise SNR curve patterns and which factors are relevant. In particular, we discuss profoundly the relationships between exposure settings (shutter speed, aperture and ISO). Since a fair comparison between cameras can be tricky because of different pixel size, sensor format or ISO scale definition, we explain how the pixel analysis of a camera can be translated to a more helpful universal photographic noise measure based on human perception and common photography rules. We analyze the RAW files of different camera models and show how the noise performance analysis (SNR and dynamic range) interact with photographer’s requirements."

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  1. It looks a lot like where Bill Claff analyzes photo camera sensors (many more types than displayed here - though slightly different graphs).


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