Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Omnivision Announces 0.64MP Camera Module for Medical Applications

PRNewswire: OmniVision announces the PureCel Plus-S stacked pixel-based OC0SA CameraCubeChip wafer-level camera modules for medical applications. This new module offers a 800x800 resolution with frame rate of 60fps, or 400x400 resolution at 90fps, for blur-free images and video. Additionally, the OC0SA provides a compact size of 2.6x1.6mm and an integrated IR cut filter. With 120° and 90° field of view options for diagnosis and therapeutic applications, respectively, this cost-effective module offers a combination of resolution, size and viewing angle for disposable endoscopes, providing doctors, veterinarians and industrial applications with the very best image quality. It has low power consumption of 82.2 mW to reduce heat at the distal tip of the endoscope for enhanced patient comfort.

"Existing medical cameras are either too large, in the case of reusable cameras, or their disposable counterparts are lacking in resolution for medical procedures such as gastrointestinal, laparoscopy and airway management. Doctors and clinicians require smaller size and increased resolution during these procedures, for better diagnosis and greater surgical precision," said Aaron Chiang, marketing director at OmniVision. "We are building on the success of our widely adopted CameraCubeChip line of wafer-level camera modules by doubling the resolution while maintaining an extremely small form factor, which is essential for these disposable applications."

OC0SA samples are available now.

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