Monday, November 04, 2019

Axcelis Talks about 12MeV Ion Implanter for Image Sensors

Axcelis Q3 earnings call mentions 12MeV implanter for image sensors:

"The ...high energy product targets the most advanced image sensors. A Purion XE Max incorporates our new proprietary beam technology to deliver energy in excess of 12 MeV as well as the industry's lowest metal contamination.

The ...areas that are driving growth in mature process technology are image sensors and also power devices. Those segments for us remain very strong as customers come online with additional capacity.

During the third quarter, memory accounted for just 14% of our shipments, with the majority of shipments, 86% going to mature foundry/logic customers, particularly those manufacturing power devices and image sensors.

We expect revenues in Q4 to rebound due to increasing activity in China and continued investment by mature foundry/logic customers, particularly those with an emphasis on image sensors and power devices.

So as the new products are high energy implanters, the high energy market has been increasing as a result of demand for multiple high energy implant steps in image sensor and power device applications. This segment now accounts for 30% of the implant TAM.

Axcelis and Omnivision white paper shows quite deep doping profiles even with the older generation of their high energy implanters:

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  1. The paper was published in Sep 2018, IEEE 22nd International Conference on Ion Implantation Technology (IIT)


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