Wednesday, November 13, 2019

PMD Demos its Multipath Reduction Approach

IEEE Sensor publishes PMD and Seigen University demo video on ToF multipath distortions reduction:


  1. Once again it seems that PMD outclasses Sony iTof when it comes to system considerations and ToF challenges!
    Great job from an innovative team, Sony should learn from European companies.

    1. No out-classing here. This technique is known at least for 10 years. So let's not exaggerate. Also, PMD just stands awkwardly in the back. The talk was given by university...

      Other than that - Sony did "learn" from European companies. Their ToF stems from Softkinetic - a spin-off from the Brussels' university VUB. Other than that, Sony doesn't need to hide behind anyone in terms of technical skills. This comment is just unqualified.

      - not a Sony employee...

  2. Albert Theuwissen - Harvest ImagingNovember 15, 2019 at 3:51 PM

    Sony's solution is based on the technology of SoftKinetic, based in Brussels. A couple of years ago Sony acquired SoftKinetic. So Sony did/does learn from European companies ...


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