Thursday, May 28, 2020

Cars and Smartphones Drive CCM Market

RsesearchInChina report "Global and China CMOS Camera Module (CCM) Industry Report, 2020-2026" forecasts:

"The global CCM market has been ballooning thanks to expeditious penetration of multi-camera phones and advances in automotive ADAS, being worth $22.723 billion with a year-on-year spike of 16.6% in 2019, a figure projected to sustain growth at a compound annual rate of 6.1% between 2019 and 2026.

Nowadays, single-camera, dual-camera and triple-camera mobile phones prevail globally, of which dual rear camera mobile phones share 40%. However, the upcoming triple-camera, four-camera and five-camera mobile phones will undoubtedly beat dual-camera ones, and triple-camera and four-camera phone models will become the mainstream alongside the burgeoning demand for mobile phone camera modules.

The global shipments of automotive camera modules reached 250 million units in 2019. The automotive camera module market is facilitated amid a faster rise in ADAS penetration due to the incentive policies and robust consumer demand. By 2026, the global automotive camera module shipments would expectedly hit 600 million units.

In the next few years, a growing number of camera modules will be mounted onto each mobile phone and every car.

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