Thursday, May 21, 2020

Image Sensors at VLSI Symposia

This year, VLSI Symposia is to be held on-line on June 14-19. Its agenda includes 7 image sensor papers:

  • CB2.1 (Invited) - A 2D-SPAD Array and Read-Out AFE for Next-Generation Solid-State LiDAR
    Tuan Thanh Ta, Toshiba Corp., Japan
  • CB2.2 - A 36-Channel SPAD-Integrated Scanning LiDAR Sensor with Multi-Event Histogramming TDC and Embedded Interference Filter
    Hyeongseok Seo, Sungkyunkwan University, Republic of Korea
  • CB2.3 - A 3.0µW@5fps QQVGA Self-Controlled Wake-Up Imager with On-Chip Motion Detection, Auto-Exposure and Object Recognition
    Arnaud Verdant, CEA-Leti-MINATEC, France
  • CB2.4 - A Low Noise Read-Out IC with Gate Driver for Full Front Display Area Optical Fingerprint Sensors
    Yongil Kwon, Samsung Electronics, Republic of Korea
  • CB2.5 - An Always-On 4x Compressive VGA CMOS Imager with 51pJ/pixel and >32dB PSNR
    Wenda Zhao, The University of Texas at Austin, USA
  • TN1.8 - Ultrahigh Responsivity and Tunable Photogain BEOL Compatible MoS2 Phototransistor Array for Monolithic 3D Image Sensor with Block-Level Ssensing Circuits
    Chih-Chao Yang, Taiwan Semiconductor Research Institute, Taiwan
  • FF.7 (Forum) - Smart Vision Sensor
    Hayato Wakabayashi, Sony Semiconductor Solutions, Japan

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