Tuesday, May 05, 2020

OmniVision Launches Automotive SoC for Entry-Level Rearview Cameras

PRNewswire: OmniVision announces its 1.3MP OX01E10 SoC for entry-level rearview cameras (RVC). In a single, 1/4" optical format package, the OX01E10 integrates a 3um image sensor and an ISP. Additionally, the OX01E10 provides two onscreen display overlay layers for driver guidelines, as well as distortion correction to straighten any curved edges from lenses with a wide viewing angle.

The OX01E10 features power consumption that is over 35% lower than competitors' and significantly reduces temperature. This is said to be the only imaging device for entry-level RVC that does not require a metal heat sink, allowing for the use of plastic camera module bodies to reduce costs. With its compact package size, it also enables smaller cameras that can fit in much tighter spaces. In addition, by integrating both the image sensor and ISP into a single chip, designers can save on both cost and space by eliminating the second PCB in typical two-chip implementations. OmniVision's dual conversion gain (DCG) technology is employed in this SoC to achieve a HDR of 120dB with two captures.

The OX01E10 SoC is AEC-Q100 Grade 2 certified and samples are available now, with mass production expected in Q3 2020.

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