Tuesday, May 19, 2020

SmartSens Announces 1080P with 60ms Power-Up Time

PRNewswire: SmartSens announces the launch of SC210IoT – a 1080P 30fps low power video sensor for IoT devices. What sets the SC210IoT apart are superior low-light sensitivity, AEC function to enable fast wake-up from intermittent system operation, and lowered power consumption optimized for always-on applications.

The integrated AEC function speeds up a transition from power-off or sleep mode to active streaming with response time as low as 60~70ms, while other devices often take more than 100ms for a stable exposed image. This is said to be a leap forward in applications that collect crucial, timely visual data such as home and commercial surveillance equipment. The SC210IoT consumes 60mW in active state, while its standby power is lower than 10uW.

"The new product launch in our SmartPixel series is geared towards the future of IoT and not the past," said Chris Yiu, CMO of SmartSens. "SC210IoT is only the beginning of a long line of new sensor products to come. We will be seeing OEM to bring innovative products to accommodate in our modern daily life."

SC210IoT is available for sampling immediately and mass production in June 2020.

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  1. What are the difficulties for such fast power-on?


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