Sunday, September 20, 2020

DVS Company Celepixel Acquired by Will Semiconductor, DayDayNews: Will Semiconductor has quitely acquired Celepixel, a Shanghai-based developer of dynamic vision sensors (DVS). Will Semi already owns Omnivision and Superpix.


  1. So Omnivision has CelePixel, Sony has InSightness, Samsung has its own DVS sensor.
    OnSemi should move fast ! Prophesee should probably expect to hear from some of the big players

  2. Sony is also very close from Prophesee ...

  3. Could someone explain which case can really benefit from the event-based ?
    All statements in the slide are not really a killing application and that a simple image sensor would not serve

  4. Event based image sensors only record changes at the scene at millisecond time stamp intervals. This is very novel, lightweight in term of data handling, it opens a new paradigm for high speed / high dynamic imaging as well as Machine Vision and real time AI. Image sensors with decent pixel size, let say 5 microns, are only available for a year now so this new paradigm is only opening


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