Friday, September 11, 2020

Sony Unveils 9 New Sensors for Industrial Applications

Sony publishes flyers of 9 new sensors IMX535, IMX536, IMX537, IMX545, IMX546, IMX547, IMX565, IMX566, IMX567. The new sensors feature 2.74um stacked global shutter pixel:


  1. I dont understand why there are so little sensors in small packages, smaller than m12 camera mount. Is there no market for small m12 industrial cameras or camera heads? I mean 2500x2000 2,74u is aboiƤut 7x5.5mm. But the package is 20x17mm... the smallest package of a pregius is 14x14mm. Does anyone know a smaller one?

    1. That is to reduce the cost of silicon

    2. How does a large package reduce the cost of silicon?


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