Sunday, September 27, 2020

Maxim Unveils Low-Cost Gesture Sensor for Automotive Applications

PRNewswire: Maxim introduces MAX25205 hand-gesture controls sensor claimed to be the industry's lowest cost and smallest size. Featuring integrated optics and a 6x10 IR sensor array, the MAX25205 detects swipe and hand-rotation gestures without the complexity of ToF cameras at 10x lower cost and up to 75% smaller size.

"Maxim Integrated's MAX25205 is a game changer for the automotive industry," said Szu-Kang Hsien, executive business manager for Automotive Business Unit at Maxim. "By offering the most dynamic gesture control for automotive applications at the lowest cost, automakers can avoid the prohibitive costs of time-of-flight camera solutions and offer gesture sensing in more car models. It offers a stylish, cool factor to cars, especially for laid back drivers who prefer to use gesture for control with the added benefit of keeping their touch screens dirt-free."

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