Tuesday, September 08, 2020

Miscellaneous News: Omnivision, Geo, Teledyne-e2v, Brookman

BusinessWire: OmniVision and GEO Semiconductor announce a joint solution for rear-view cameras (RVCs), surround-view systems (SVS) and e-mirrors. This solution includes OmniVision’s OX03C10, that combines a large 3.0um pixel, HDR of 140dB, and LED flicker mitigation (LFM). This sensor takes advantage of the GEO GW5 CVP family’s ability to process 140dB HDR images with full LFM at 60fps. Conversely, the GW5 family’s advanced local tone mapping enables it to make optimal use of the OX03C10’s industry-leading HDR and LFM image captures, providing a more pleasing image for drivers.

GlobeNewswire: Teledyne e2v announces a 2MP compact module featuring a pre-focused, industrial-grade scanning optic. This MIPI interfaced module is amed to scanning, embedded vision and many other computer vision applications. The module uses Snappy 2MP CMOS sensor with a 2.8 ┬Ám low-noise global shutter pixel.

Brookman publishes a gesture recognition demo based on its ToF sensor:

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