Saturday, September 26, 2020

DVS Pixel Bias Self-Calibration

 Tobi Delbruk and Zhenming Yu from Zurich University publish a video presentation explaining their ISCAS 2020 paper "Self Calibration of Wide Dynamic Range Bias Current Generators ISCAS."

"Many neuromorphic chips now include on-chip, digitally programmable bias generator circuits. So far, precision of these generated biases has been designed by transistor sizing and circuit design to ensure tolerable statistical variance due to threshold mismatch. This paper reports the use of an integrated measurement circuit based on spiking neuron and a scheme for calibrating each chip set of biases against the smallest of all the biases from that chip. That way, the averaging across individual biases improves overall matching both within a chip and across chips. This paper includes measurements of generated biases, the method for remapping bias values towards more uniform values, and measurements across 5 sample chips. With the method presented in this paper, 1σ mismatch of subthreshold currents is decreased by at least a factor of 3. The firmware implementation completes calibration in about a minute and uses about 1kB of flash storage of calibration data."

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