Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Gpixel 16.8M BSI Sensor for Scientific Applications

Gpixel announces a new BSI 16.8MP (4096 x 4096) CMOS sensor, GSENSE4040BSI, with 9 μm × 9 μm pixels and an optical area of 36.8mm x 36.8mm. An intra-scene dynamic range of 85 dB is achieved by dual-gain 12bit HDR read out mode, together with a 39 ke– full well capacity and 2.3 e– readout noise. 18 pairs of LVDS channels are used to output data at a maximum frame rate of 24 fps.

GSENSE4040BSI is pin compatible with the existing GSENSE4040FSI sensor, but has enhanced imaging performance. The shipments of the new sensor start in October 2020.


  1. Interesting sensor. Any ideas who will make a camera out of it?

    1. French defence contractors, of course!

  2. the FSI version is already available into the TUCSEN Dhyana4040, QHY4040 and another FLI I think


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