Thursday, August 19, 2021

GalaxyCore CEO Becomes a Multi-Billionaire

Forbes reports that GalaxyCore Shanghai CEO Zhao Lixin (Stanly Zhao) became billionaire after the company’s shares more than doubled on their trading debut at the Shanghai Stock Exchange on August 18, 2021.

GalaxyCore’s shares closed at 35.25 yuan, up 145% from their IPO price, leaving Zhao’s 42% stake worth 37 billion yuan, or $5.7 billion. lists Galaxycore's technological advantages over its competitors:
  • Galaxycore's sensors are produced with a smaller number of masks and optimized pixel process, greatly reducing costs
  • The company has developed a unique COM packaging and a COF-like design, which are different from the mainstream of the industry
  • Galaxycore uses a low-cost three metal layers process
  • Through the incremental improvements of the design, the chip area is reduced, achieving a more lean cost
Based on unit shipments, the top five suppliers in terms of market share in 2020 account for 96.0% of the total market. Among them, Galaxycore ranks first in the market with a shipment of 2.04 billion units, occupying 29.7% market share:


  1. Wow, congratulations! Perhaps the CEO would like to make a gift to the International Image Sensor Society (IISS), and perhaps endow a few awards? If yes, feel free to contact me, as IISS Chair!

  2. it will take >3 years for cashing out. So please wait patiently.

  3. in China, No, thousands of way to get cash in advance


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