Saturday, August 28, 2021

New Kasalis Active Alignment Machine Features 5nm Resolution

BusinessWireKasalis, an active alignment company founded in 2011 acquired by Jabil in 2015, re-launches its brand and website. "Today, we are excited to announce a new brand direction from Jabil Kasalis to simply Kasalis. We believe shifting to our established and independent brand identity will better demonstrate our distinctive value in the market." Although Kasalis remains a technology division of Jabil Inc., it appears that Jabil prepares to sell it or spin it off.

Kasalis shares the entrepreneurial approach of a startup within a global technology and manufacturing leader, Jabil,” said Mark Kozak, director of engineering at Kasalis.

Kasalis is constantly innovating and reinventing new ways to share why our experience and knowledge makes us the only choice when absolute optical manufacturing precision is required,” said Justin Roe, co-founder and president of Kasalis. “Our brand identity recognizes that Kasalis welcomes business from customers large and small; from those who require Kasalis’ particular expertise as well as those who rely upon multiple Jabil services.

Kasalis Pixd 700 alignment machine achieves a remarkable mechanical resolution of 5nm, similar or better than EUV photolithography. I've never thought that such a resolution is needed for optical modules.

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  1. What are they refering to? Resolution of some kind of interferometric encoder? This is a different story than overall placement accuracy, machine capability. Whats the 3sigma overall accuracy of this machine?


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