Wednesday, August 04, 2021

MIPI Cleans Out Offensive Terminology

MIPI BoD directed its working groups to replace the offensive terms in MIPI documents. While the primary examples were “master” and “slave,” the groups were also asked to identify any other problematic words, such as “blacklist” and ”whitelist” for example, and work to replace them till the end of 2022.

Although working groups can propose additional terms, the following replacements have been made available as options:
  • For master: active, central, controller, default, host, initiator, leader, main, manager, parent, primary, principal, requester, supervisor
  • For slave: auxiliary, child, client, completer, device, follower, peripheral, proxy, replica, responder, secondary, standby, subordinate, supporter, target, worker


  1. Who can spend time on these silly and stupid discussions ? I cannot, I have other things to do. The world is completely turning crazy. Yesterday I heard that we can no longer talk about breast milk, because breasts are associated with women. We should talk about human milk ... Maybe it is a side effect of the Covid-19 vaccinations ?

  2. This is indeed nonsense. Especially given the point that many of the minerals and materials are being dug up by modern slaves. Children the age of 7 forced to work in pits. This naming is just putting the effort in the wrong place.

  3. Nonsense it is. But there are a lot of people interested in forcing this kind of stuff upon other people. Probably interested in getting employed chasing "offensive" wording, rewriting documents, etc. And they are getting employed in astonishing numbers.

  4. I wonder if using the WHITE BALANCE and the BLACK LEVEL CORRECTION / BLACK SHADING / OPTICALLY BLACK AREA, gets forbidden too. The world is truly crazy - I am myself being from part of Europe, which has people called the Slavs - yes, the word from which the English word SLAVE emerged, but I have no problem accepting the history. Problems are not solved by just not talking about it - especially when they are based on false facts. Such as the BLACKLIST word - it is absolutely not related to any black people - but rather to death.

    Would be more than happy to see that the black people are stopped called black. Because they are really not... well, unless you use a 1 bit ADC and see the world in.. black and white.

  5. False equivalency is a common racist tactic.


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