Saturday, August 07, 2021

Himax Reports Multiple Design Wins for its Ultra Low Power Sensing Platform

GlobeNewswire: Himax Q2 2021 earnings report updates on the company's low power vision solution design wins:

"Himax’s WiseEye total solution implements ultralow power computer vision AI that aims at endpoint devices with constraints in processor resource and power consumption. In addition to the design-win for a mainstream application from a leading tech name that it reported last quarter, the Company is pleased to report new awards during the second quarter from utility meter, battery camera and panoramic video conferencing applications. Some of these applications are expected to enter into mass production beginning the fourth quarter of 2021. Himax continues to work on various new solutions covering a wide variety of applications including door bell, surveillance, smart city, healthcare, agriculture and many other AIoT devices, with joint efforts from multiple algorithm partners in different domains, including Himax subsidiary Emza. Himax is at the forefront of delivering cutting-edge ultralow power smart image sensing solutions to the edge AI markets.

Hundreds of evaluation boards and developments kits have been purchased online and distributed to AI developers across the globe. With extended outreach to various AI channels, the Company has received priceless feedbacks from numerous users for different application domains that never occurred to it. Himax is excited about the business progress and is confident that WiseEye will play a key role in its non-driver segment looking ahead into 2022 and beyond."

From the company's factsheet:

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