Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Pixelplus Revenues To Double in 2008

Yahoo: Pixeplus announced that it got key design wins since December 2007, and that it was experiencing strong and steadily growing demand for Pixelplus' new line of third generation image sensors based on PlusPixel2 technology, including the Company's PO4010 CIF SoC image sensors from its customers in Korea and also its PO6030 VGA SoC image sensors from its customers in China. Continued demand for the PlusPixel2 sensors is expected to positively affect the Company' results of operations in 2008, with revenues projected to at least double in 2008 compared to 2007, based on the assumption that current order flows continue.

Trading Markets reports that Maybach Financial Groups has invested in Pixelplus.


  1. 2006 revenue=$28.4M; net loss=$18.6M;
    2007 revenue=$18.5M; net loss=$8.5M;

    The net loss is a pretty significant portion of the revenue. How can it happen? Does it imply they're selling products at prices way below the costs? Can this strategy last long?

  2. You are right, Pixelplus is in troubles. Its main problem is inability to keep up the pixel size race. So they are limited to low resolution sensors, where the competition is at its wildest.

    Pixelplus earning reports are supposed to be on EDGAR, so one can check where this loss comes from. I have not done this so far.


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