Thursday, March 20, 2008

Spiral Gateway Demos Disruptive ISP Technology Edinburgh-based startup Spiral Gateway has got a fully functional samples of its RICA Reconfigurable Instruction Cell Array test chip.

RICA is a reconfigurable silicon fabric programmed in C and allowing any existing or new C code to load straight onto the fabric. A range of applications can be run in a highly optimized fashion, such as ISP (reconstruction, image quality improvement, scene manipulation) and multimedia (MP3, H.264 etc.). Using RICA enables new applications to be dynamically loaded onto a device and be run without any performance penalty.

RICA technology target is image signal processing for the next generation of mobile phones. The technology delivers reconfigurable logic which uses an order of magnitude less power than FPGA with very high performance, and requiring minimal hardware design and no need for large design teams.

Graham Townsend, the company CEO, used to be CTO of ST Imaging Division in the past.

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