Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Tessera Shellcase MVP Package Announced

I-Micronews: Tessera announces its latest generation of the image sensor packaging technology - Shellcase MVP. MVP stand for Micro Via Package. The new package is based on Through Silicon Via (TSV) and provides thinner package (less than 500um height), higher yield, enhanced reliability and lower cost.

It's claimed to utilize image sensor wafers without requiring any chip design modification. If true, it's a step forward from the old Shellcase package requiring an I/O layout modification, as compared with COB sensor.

Bents Kidron, VP Marketing at Tessera says in an interview to Yole Developpement: "All previous constraints for special pad extension design were removed in the SHELLCASE MVP solution, so the outcome is better silicon utilization, which results in more chips on wafers and standard mask design, which enables design flexibility and additional cost reduction (in unit price).

The SHELLCASE MVP solution still uses the SHELLCASE edge contact concept (or T-contact). Instead of a line contact in the dicing lane, the SHELLCASE MVP solution uses a circumferential edge contact in the bond pad. This means there are few limitations on bond pad location or pitch and no changes are required to the silicon layout. Also, because the dicing lanes are no longer used, they can be as narrow as the silicon design allows.

Talking about future packages, Bents Kidron mentions wafer level 3D stacking solutions, mating sensor with ISP or memory.

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