Friday, March 07, 2008

View on Aptina's Future

Idaho Statesman has a pessimistic view on Aptina division's future:

"Will it succeed? I think it will depend on how quickly the company can become a market leader. If you remember, Micron did something similar with its personal-computer division that became Micron Electronics, but that company was never able to gain the market share it needed as big players like Dell and Gateway took over most of the market. What's left of that division is no longer owned by Micron and is called MPC Corp., which still produces computers, but has a minuscule market share.

The same scenario could play out in the imaging-sensor market unless Micron gets ahead of the big players like Samsung and Hynix, which both plan major moves into the market.

In my opinion, consider Hynix a competitor is very premature, but he's right in that Micron has quite strong competition.

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