Friday, March 07, 2008

ACET Develops New Wafer-Level Package

Digitimes: Advanced Chip Engineering Technology (ACET) claims to deliver the thinnest wafer level packaging (WLP) for image sensors. The thinnest chip inside this package could be 150um, which ACET claimes is the thinnest in its class. The package is of fan-out type which is said to have advantages in the ability to package different chips in different natures in the same package, with proven electrical performance, which should help speed up time-to-market, lower costs, and enhance yields.

The company chairman DF Lin said ACET is already in talks with two US-based design houses on potential partnerships. ACET also has plans to introduce the solution to the medical segment by packing ICs in pills for gastroscopic imaging.

The package volume production is to be ready in the 2H 2008. The company currently houses a monthly capacity of 10,000 8" wafers. Expansion is planned in Q3 2008, with most to be focused on 12-inch wafers.

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