Friday, November 07, 2008

Rumor: Foveon Sold to Sigma

I got this rumor from two independent sources, both telling that Sigma has acquired Foveon more than three weeks ago. Right before the acquisition Foveon has laid off about a half of its staff, including VPs and CFO. Apparently, the layoff was associated with the closure of mobile image sensor project - the flagship Foveon project in the recent years.

The mobile sensor had 2.2um pixel size with 3-layered photodiodes. Its resolution was supposed to be close to 1.4um pixel, given same physical size of the sensor array. However, Foveon image processing was too heavy for the current mobile phone processors.

Foveon's foundry Dongbu used to provide excellent support, in hopes that Foveon would be successful on the huge mobile sensor market. Now, with no cellular project, the support might be downgraded, which complicates the new sensors development.

All the above are unconfirmed rumors. Like any rumors, you should take these with a grain of salt.


  1. Make it a 3rd source, 2nd hand.
    I heard it was an inexpensive acquisition. Considering there was over $100M invested, it is sort of sad but logical.

  2. since this company never ever communicated ,this is true.
    arrogant elithists

  3. This announcement is now posted on both Sigma Japan And Sigma USA websites and on the Fovoen website -

  4. Thank you. I moved it to the front page.


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