Sunday, January 31, 2010

5th Fraunhofer IMS Workshop on CMOS Imaging

Fraunhofer Institute for Microelectronic Circuits and Systems (IMS) organises its 5th bi-annual International Workshop on CMOS Imaging in Duisburg, Germany on May 4-5, 2010. The workshop focus is declared to be on low-light imaging, although most of presentations look quite generic to me:

“Devices and Technologies for CMOS Imaging”, Holger Vogt, Fraunhofer IMS, Germany

“CMOS Image Sensors and Technology”, Lindsay Grant, STM, Great Britain

“Electron Multiplying CCDs”, Mark Stanford Robbins, e2v, Great Britain

“SPADs”, Franco Zappa, Politecnico di Milano, Italy

“Silicon Radiation Detectors”, Gerhard Lutz, PNSensor, Germany

“Noise as a Measurement Tool”, Albert Theuwissen, Harvest Imaging & Technical University of Delft, The Netherlands

“Realisation and Ionisation Effects in CMOS Imaging”, Pierre Magnan, SUPAERO, France

"Scientific CMOS Imaging“, Boyd Fowler, Fairchild Imaging, U.S.A.

“Design of CMOS Imagers: Selected Circuits and Architectures”, Alex Krymski, Alexima, U.S.A.

“CMOS Imagers for Industrial and Space Applications”, Guy Meynants, CMOSIS, Belgium

“Solid-State X-Ray Imaging”, Walter Rütten, Philips, Germany

“Solid-State ToF-Sensors”, Werner Brockherde, Fraunhofer IMS, Germany

“Image Sensors for Driver Assistance", Ulrich Seger, Robert Bosch, Germany

“Safe CMOS Camera System for Three-Dimensional Zone Monitoring”, Sören Hader, Pilz, Germany

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