Friday, January 29, 2010

Teradyne Does Not Feel Image Sensor Recovery

Seeking Alpha published Teradyne Q4 2009 earnings call. Regarding the image sensor Teradyne says:

Gary Hsueh – Oppenheimer & Company:

...And you talked about some cylinders still not firing, I think we talked a lot about memory here. Any commentary on the LCD Driver IC business particularly, since I think that's off the J750 platform as well -- it seems like that kind of build on the LCD Driver IC side was potential customer is going to tightening any visibility on that cylinder firing in 2010?

Mike Bradley, CEO:

Yeah. Turns out the other two 750 based cylinders here, both image sensor and LCD driver have not been participating in the upsurge and, you know, in one sense that's been helpful to us because the microcontroller segment has been pushing us so much, so, you know, in an odd way we are grateful that that's been a little bit slower. That may emerge. We don't see in this coming quarter a big uptick in either of those two segments, so that's one of those areas that's has just been more depressed. But as you said, as things tighten, we may get some demand in that -- on that front. If I were wishing, I would hope that would come later, at the end of this quarter rather than at the beginning. But right now our short-term indicators are not that we are going to see anything -- any spike in those two segments of the J750 in the short term.

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