Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Given Imaging Relies on Aptina Sensors in its PillCams

Yahoo: Aptina announced that Given Imaging's PillCam COLON 2 includes Aptina’s MT9S526 medical image sensor. All three of Given Imaging’s ingestible PillCam products for small bowel, esophageal, and now colon imaging embed Aptina’s sensors. Aptina’s 10-year partnership with Given Imaging has helped propel Aptina into the leadership position in the medical image sensor market, according to TSR 2009 CCD/CMOS Area Image Sensor Market Analysis.

The MT9S526 was designed specifically for medical applications where low power extends battery life, and low-light sensitive solutions can capture images in the dark—all in the small form factor required to fit inside an ingestible pill. PillCam COLON 2 includes two image sensors that can produce a wide range of frame rates up to 35fps, utilizing a 5.6um pixel in a 1/6-inch optical format and enclosed in sub-4mm chip scale packages.

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  1. See Alex Krymski's note about the self powered image sensor below. Given and Photobit developed the first camera for Given's pill camera. A novel technology at the time. Alex was the lead designer...possibly the sole designer. So, Aptina supplying sensors to Given is part of a long successful relationship.


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