Saturday, January 30, 2010

Image Sensors Europe Conference Agenda

Image Sensors Europe Conference is to be held in London, UK on March 23-25. The conference agenda lists many presentations, but only a part of presenters:

Tessera's Senior VP and GM Liam Goudge presents "The proliferation of smart camera imaging technologies"

Tessera's VP Yehudit Dagan presents "Image quality and wafer-level optics"

Joseph Sgro, CEO, ALACRON, USA presents "New camera and sensor with low noise in high frame rate applications"

Martin Wäny, CEO, AWAIBA, Portugal presents "TSV (true silicon via) based chip scale package and fully wafer assembled wafer level camera modules"

Mirko Schmidt, PhD Student, HEIDELBERG UNIVERSITY, Germany presents "Exact Modeling of 3D Time-of-Flight Cameras"

Randy Bockrath, CEO of IMATEST pesents "Speeding image sensor configuration"

IMATEST together with Aptina also gives 3-howur workshop "Image Sensor Configuration and Image Quality Testing" Instructors: Norman Koren Founder and CTO of IMATEST and Darryl Perks, Principal Engineer, APTINA UK.

Frederic Guichard, CTO of DXO Labs gives another 3-hour workshop "Module to module variation: automatic calibration-less correction"

There are many more interesting presentations themes, most of them with speakers not announced yet.

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  1. The programme and website has been fully updated. Please check for further details.


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