Saturday, January 09, 2010

Ambarella Introduces 45nm Camera SoC

Ambarella announces A5s family of SoC for hybrid HD video/still pocket cameras. The 45nm SoC is build around 533MHz ARM11 CPU and features full HD H.264 recording, 14MP of still photography, and the ability to capture HD and internet video simultaneously.

The A5s family consists of three products: A5s25, A5s30 and A5s50. The A5s25 can capture 10 MP still pictures as well as generate and compress high-definition video in both 720p60 and 1080p30 formats. The A5s30 enables burst recording of 8 MP still images at 30 frames per second with appropriate sensors. The A5s50 supports the standard interlaced HD broadcast format 1080i60 optimized for display on TV.

The A5s SoC and evaluation kit are available now. Ambarella expects that full HD consumer hybrid cameras based on the A5s platform will be priced at or under the critical US $149 end-user price threshold in 2010.


  1. i'm sure the sensor is from omnivision since they have the best sensors. they are putting all of the competition out of business with all their great technologies. i should know. that's why i am called semiwiz.

  2. ambarella uses aptina - not ovt.

  3. Oh well so much for a semiwiz :)


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