Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Single-Photon Imaging Book

Albert Theuwissen announced the new book “Single-Photon Imaging” published by Springer (ISBN 978-3-642-18442-0). The book talks about a broad range of technologies minimizing sensors noise level to the single electrons level. The editors Albert Theuwissen and Peter Seitz managed to assemble a team of world's experts to write the chapters for the book:
  1. Fundamentals of Noise in Optoelectronics
    Peter Seitz
  2. Image Sensor Technology
    R. Daniel McGrath
  3. Hybrid Avalanche Photodiode Array Imaging
    Hiroaki Aihara
  4. Electron Bombarded Semiconductor Image Sensors
    Verle Aebi and Kenneth Costello
  5. Single-Photon Imaging Using ElectronMultiplication in Vacuum
    Gert Nutzel
  6. Electron-Multiplying Charge Coupled Devices – EMCCDs
    Mark Stanford Robbins
  7. Monolithic Single-Photon Avalanche Diodes: SPADs
    Edoardo Charbon and Matthew W. Fishburn
  8. Single Photon CMOS Imaging Through Noise Minimization
    Boyd Fowler
  9. Architectures for Low-noise CMOS Electronic Imaging
    Shoji Kawahito
  10. Low-Noise Electronic Imaging with Double-Gate FETs and Charge-Modulation Devices
    Yoshiyuki Matsunaga
  11. Energy-Sensitive Single-Photon X-ray and Particle Imaging
    Christian Lotto
  12. Single-Photon Detectors for Time-of-Flight Range Imaging
    David Stoppa and Andrea Simoni
  13. Single-Photon Imaging for Astronomy and Aerospace Applications
    Pierre Magnan
  14. Exploiting Molecular Biology by Time-Resolved Fluorescence Imaging
    Francis Muller and Christof Fattinger
Springer allows to read the book on-line (with some limitations, I guess).


  1. When will Vladimir transform this blog to eBay-like site :) ?

  2. This book seems to be very interesting but I am looking forward to a book about common CMOS image sensors.

  3. when the things work, people don't write them in a book :)

  4. just order it from Amazon.


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