Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Column-Level ADCs Overview

Delft University repository published Jia Guo's MS thesis having a nice overview of column-level ADC architectures. While the thesis concentrates on DLL design, the overview is of general interest and covers many recent advances:

"DLL Based Single Slope ADC For CMOS Image Sensor Column Readout"
Jia Guo MS Thesis


  1. The publication of this is done very quickly. I think the final version of this work was finished last week. Wished that everything was published so quickly ....

  2. I'd like to pass a good part of this credit to whoever updates the Delft repository and does it in a timely manner. I also forgot to mention that Albert Theuwissen was the supervisor of this thesis.

  3. Thanks Vladimir for mentioning who was the supervisor. But actually this is not completely correct. The work was done at IMEC (Leuven, B) and the daily supervision was in the hands of dr. Munir Abdalla Mohamed and dr. David San Segundo Bello. I acted as (what we call) the promotor of this work. So most of the credits for the supervision go to the IMEC people ! They also introduced the topic to the student.

  4. I actually find the column ADC overview to be the weakest part of the thesis, and of intriguingly resemblance to a similar writeup in Cheng Ma's Master thesis, who is also from Delft University.

    The following text is in both theses:

    (writing about the need for accurate amplifier gain in cyclic ADC) "This means accurate capacitor matching and amplifier setting, which results in increased power consumption."

    Google "capacitor matching and amplifier setting"

    Arguably, "setting" is a typo for "settling".

    I will not conclude anything here, but one thing is for sure, "no one will every read my thesis" just doesn't apply if you are a student of Albert's :-)

  5. You have sharp eyes! By the way, Cheng Ma's thesis was mentioned in this blog too:


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