Wednesday, September 14, 2011

e-Vision Develops Liquid Crystal AF for Camera Phones

e-Vision is seeking for companies interested in evaluating its new liquid crystal-based auto-focus technology. The company has published in Linked-In groups that it's seeking a suitable partner who would be interested in cooperating on a Joint Development project together to produce a final production-ready auto-focus lens design within 6 months, and would be based on reasonable engineering milestone payments. An Auto-Focus demo.already currently exists. In addition, the basic technology can also be applied to many other areas including Zoom, Image Stablization, Beam Steering, etc. as next generation products.

e-Vision site has animated demo of how its proposed lens works in comparison with a regular AF lens (click on picture to see the animation):

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  1. The impact of LC on imaging quality should be considered. This approach is not new ....


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