Thursday, September 08, 2011

poLight Partners with SVTC on Commercialization of its Lens

poLight has entered a partnership agreement with SVTC Technologies on optimized production process in order to meet large volume customer demand. Access to SVTC’s 95,000 square feet of IP-secure, 24/7 cleanroom and multi-disciplined engineering team will enable poLight to accelerate the commercialization of its next generation TLens technology. SVTC’s Technology Development Process and commercialization expertise will enable poLight to demonstrate a production ready process and successfully transfer to a larger volume MEMS manufacturer.




    poLight's optical MEMS - i-MICRONEWS, 22 Sept 2011

    Camera module makers have a next-gen actuator option based on a patented optical polymer technology - one that's positioned to enable a reduction in smartphone thickness, while significantly improving image quality and speed.


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