Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Image Sensors at Electronic Imaging 2012

As AT mentioned in the other post comments, the program of Electronic Imaging 2012 conference has already been published. As always, there is a lot of image sensor stuff there, too much to publish it in full.

Some interesting tidbits from the papers:

  • CMOSIS presents VGA 600fps sensor with global shutter (8298-1)
  • Anafocus presents 5.2MP 250fps with HDR and "embedded intelligence" (Paper 8298-2)
  • NHK, Japan Broadcasting Corp. and Kinki Univ. present 300K-pixel 2Mfps camera. (Paper 8298-22)
  • MIT and Simon Fraser Univ. experimental measurements of various CCDs and CMOS sensors defect density revealed that at 7um pixels the CCD defect rate is ~2.5 greater than for CMOS, but for 2um pixels the rates are equal. (Paper 8298-12)
  • Portland State Univ. explained why some CCD's dark current behave nonlinearly with respect to exposure time and additionally the dark current is affected by the presence of illumination [ISW - some CMOS sensors have similar dark current behavior for similar reasons]. (Paper 8298-13)
  • Tohoku Univ. presents how to use atomically flat Si surface to create PD with nearly 100% internal QE in UV light. (Paper 8298-18)
  • Fraunhofer Institute and Ulm Univ. present multi-aperture camera approach allowing digital focusing and refocusing from 4mm to infinity after the image was taken. (Paper 8299-6)

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