Wednesday, September 14, 2011

PMD Bundles its ToF Camera with Omek Interactive Software

PMD Technologies announced that as part of a its CamCube Bundle purchase, users are entitled to a complimentary copy of the Omek Beckon Development Suite, especially optimized for the CamCube 3.0. The bundle enables developers to incorporate applications and solutions with gesture-based interfaces across a wide variety of target platforms, including interactive digital signage, multimedia, robotics, security & surveillance, medical devices and more.

The CamCube 3.0 is said to be the highest resolution all-solid-state 3D TOF camera available. The PMD technology has been used in mass production since 2005. The high sensitivity and improved pixel performance of the new PhotonICs PMD 41k-S2 lead to precise depth accuracy even at high distances and high 3D frame rates.


  1. what is the definition of mass production at PMD?
    what is the sale volume of their devices?


  2. May be 10k-Units, but not only cameras, single pixel range finders are included here and are the majority.

    So I think <=1k Cameras is a good guess.


  3. PMD startet to sell laser range finder modules 2005. In 2007 3D modules came in addition to that single pixel sales. Today (2012), PMD is selling more than 25k units a month (i.e. bare die chips or camera modules, 1D or 3D). The share of 3D sensors now is the majority and strongly rising since 2010.


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