Wednesday, September 28, 2011

UCL Evaluates Kinect Performance

University College of London published poster on Kinect depth accuracy evaluation:

"Performance Evaluation of the PrimeSense IR Projected Pattern Depth Sensor"
MSc Surveying
Daniel Binney
Jan Boehm (Supervisor)

This is the first systematic study of Primesense accuracy that I've seen in open sources. The depth resolution degrades with distance. It's 1.8mm at 0.5m, while at 3m it degrades to about 25mm. Note that Microsoft Kinect spec calls for 1.2m-3.5m range.

There is a circular hole observed in the PrimeSense point cloud where no depth data has been returned:


  1. useful work! I would like to see the precision variation in function of environment changes.

  2. what I would be interested in is a detailed analysis of the "real" equivalent number of 3D pixels. ok - output is VGA-3D but the real lateral 3D-resolution is obviously far below. Is it 5000 3D pixels or more?


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