Friday, September 28, 2012

Image Sensors 2013 Calls for Papers

PRLog: Image Sensors 2012 (London, UK conference) announcs the Call for Papers for IS2013. It seems that the conference has the new owner, Smithers.

The IS2013 is planned to cover the following applications in image sensor technology:

  • Automotive imaging
  • Digital Still Cameras
  • Machine Vision
  • Time-of-flight and 3D imaging
  • Metrology
  • Low light level imaging

The conference will also feature an 'Expert Panel' session to discuss some of the pressing issues facing the sector, and an 'Innovation Platform' session to give academics, spin-outs, and SMEs an opportunity to present their latest innovations to the audience.

A short summary of the proposed presentation (max 500 words), plus a speaker biography can be submitted to by 26th October 2012.


  1. I think Smithers has been the owner of Pira who operated this commercial (for-profit) conference -- they were last year, anyway. Robert Stead could comment authoritatively on this. This conference is good for managers and other non-specialists.

    The Call for Papers for the International Image Sensor Society's IISW will also be issued shortly. Stay tuned.

    1. oops, I should have said non-specialist managers and other non-specialists.

  2. Apparently they moved to another venue as well ...

  3. Hi,

    Thanks for posting, Vladimir, and for your comments, Eric. I am happy to clarify...

    This is the same conference, run by the same people as for the last 6 years. Our parent company (old name IntertechPira) has gone through a rebrand after being acquired by the Smithers Group in late 2010. We were under this ownership during the running of the 2011 and 2012 conferences, but has not gone through the rebrand at this time.

    So, you can expect more of the same - market and technical content focussed on the business of image sensors. We will keep you in the loop with the speaking line up as it takes shape over the next month or two.

    On the venue, unfortunately we out-grew the original venue in Kensington, but we weren't happy with the venue last year so this year we will be a short walk from Victoria station at the Park Plaza.

    Many thanks,


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