Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Intel Perceptual Computing Demoed on Softkinetic Camera

SoftKinetic announces that its 3D DepthSense camera and middleware for close-range gesture tracking will be included in the Intel Perceptual Computing Software Development Kit 2013 (SDK) Beta announced and demonstrated at the Intel Developer Forum 2012 today.

VentureBeat says that Intel believes that the close-range gesture-recognition that is able to detect finger moving is a way to go for controlling ultrabooks.

"SoftKinetic is a pioneer and leader in the field of 3D gesture recognition who is helping us to make our vision of natural, interactive user experiences a reality," said Achin Bhowmik, Director of Perceptual Computing at Intel. "Gesture-based interaction enables humans to interact in a natural, intuitive way with their computer systems."

The 3D camera itself bears Creative Labs logo, although the basis of the design is SoftKinetic DS325, or so I was told:

The camera has RGB and Depth frames sync, 30fps speed, depth range of 0.5ft to 3.25ft (15cm-1m), FOV 73deg and powered by a single USB2 port with power less than 2.5W. The camera become available, starting October, 2012. The cost of the camera will be available for developers in October 2012 for $149.00 plus tax and shipping. The commercial release is planned for the first half of 2013.

Mitch Reifel, Softkinetic VP of Sales, says: "the idea is that this technology starts as a peripheral and the technology will improve, get smaller z-height and lower cost to integrate [into the Ultrabook lid - ISW]. We will be announcing another major partner in 4Q that will help us realize this, so more info will be coming soon."

Here is a picture of what Intel showed at their forum:

Update: EETimes: Intel announces a $1M prize for the best user interface innovations using the new perceptual computing developers kit.


  1. Wow, a very large device for gesture control. I think these devices should be integrated in a notebook monitor?!

  2. What if you are using a desktop, or use it in a robot? It really isn't that big


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