Monday, September 24, 2012

More Details on Panasonic 1.12um SmartFSI Pixel

It appears that most of the previous articles quote Panasonic PR in Japanese from Sept. 20. The PR has few other interesting claims:
  • Panasonic contemplates release of 14MP and 16MP models based on the same 1.12um SmartFSI pixel.
  • The angle of incidence is quoted as 40deg due to advanced light guide (see figure below)
  • The module height can be reduced down to 70% of that with BSI sensors
The lightpipe figure has all the explanation in Japanese, embedded in the image. Google translator is helpless here. It would be great if somebody can translate it:

Panasonic also published a higher resolution view of microlens array:

Update: Thanks to TN for translating the picture:


  1. カラーフェルター= colour filter

    not a lot of info in the writing:
    1画素 = 1 pixel
    赤色用 フォトダイオード = for red colour
    緑色用 フォトダイオード = for green colour
    斜め入射光 = diagonal incident light
    光導波路 = Light Guide
    隔壁 = partition/division
    配線 = routing/wiring

  2. The reflective partition is a good idea ! And it can also help to reduce the gap between microlenses !

    1. Slight correction (japanese word order left in place...):

      赤色用 フォトダイオード = for red colour Photodiode
      緑色用 フォトダイオード = for green colour Photodiode

  3. Very interesting. What material can this reflective material be made of?

    1. must be that magic mirror stuff...
      the kind that "knows" a priori when to reflect down and when to reflect up...

      the kind that does not scatter light...

      the kind that reflects it in such a way that if the reflected is incident on an interconnect line, is is properly reflected again into the corresponding pixel!

    2. The photoreversible fulgide


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