Friday, September 14, 2012

Sanyo CCD Patents Up for Sale

UBM TechInsights is offering for sale a portfolio of 198 ON Semiconductor patents, originally patented by Sanyo. Out of the 60 US patents in this portfolio, 18 are devoted to CCDs:

"Lot #2 includes Image sensors (CCD), sensor power saving, signal processing crosstalk suppression, as well as a patent on using an LCD as a controllable lens cover. The fabrication patents relate to supplying power to a CCD cell using silicide lines, fabricating photo diodes with improved sensitivity, forming micro-lenses over the pixel array, and using dummy metal traces to reflect light into corresponding pixels."

Some of them are commented by Techinsights in the presentation document I received by email:

Whoever is interested can inquire UBM Techinsights (contact emails are available on request).


  1. For me it's a sad moment when the value of a patent rests entirely on being "likely in use" rather than on the merits of an interesting technical idea.


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