Sunday, September 16, 2012

ULIS IR Imaging Videos

Grenoble area, France-based ULIS published few videos on IR imaging usability in different applications. ULIS develops amorphous silicon IR imagers.

Vimeo video on automotive applications:

ULIS thermal imaging sensors for transportation applications from ULISCompany on Vimeo.

Video on surveillance and security:

ULIS thermal imaging sensors for surveillance and security applications from ULISCompany on Vimeo.

Few other videos can be found on ULIS' Vimeo channel.


  1. Finally they have learnt something from FLIR now :)

  2. Can these sensors perform both Visible and NIR or just NIR?

    1. These are LWIR sensors with Germanium lenses, they cannot detect vis or NIR. This a-Si microbolometer FPAs have history dating back to 1990s. It's great to see the costs going down day by day. Congratulations to ULIS.

    2. Is this working in Passive type ?


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