Thursday, October 09, 2014

Albert Theuwissen Receives European SEMI Award 2014

SEMI: Albert Theuwissen, CEO of Harvest Imaging and professor at Delft University of Technology, is the recipient of the European SEMI Award 2014. The Award, which recognizes Theuwissen’s outstanding contribution to the continuing education of engineers, was presented during the SEMICON Europa Executive Summit in Grenoble On Oct 7, 2014.

Albert Theuwissen worked for nearly 20 years at Philips Research and then at DALSA in lead engineering and management roles. In 2001, Theuwissen became a part-time professor at Delft University of Technology. In 1995, he wrote the textbook “Solid-State Imaging with Charge-Coupled Devices” which is now a standard reference work in the field of solid-state imaging.

After “retiring” in 2007, Theuwissen founded Harvest Imaging and has played a major role in the continuing education of engineers in the field of solid-state imaging and digital cameras. He has taught and trained over 3,000 engineers at image sensor companies (such as Kodak, Sony, Samsung, Aptina, ST Microelectronics, Micron, Intel, Philips, Canon, DALSA, and Panasonic) and consumer product companies (such as Nokia, Sony-Ericsson, Motorola, Siemens, Research InMotion, Thomson, and many others). In addition, he has conducted short courses at IEEE’s IEDM, ISSCC, ICIP and SPIE’s Electronic Imaging Conference.

Continuing education — outside of the scope of university professors operating as part-time short-course instructors — within the industry is critical. By educating technologists and application specialists, Theuwissen created a successful model for future technological education: the entrepreneur-educator.

Albert recognized the need for technical education and created a successful continuing education offering that navigates and conforms to the competitive and proprietary IP environment, benefitting thousands of electron-device engineers and also the industry,” said Heinz Kundert, president of SEMI Europe. “It is an honor to recognize Albert for his outstanding contributions to the European semiconductor and microsystems industry.

The European SEMI Award was established more than two decades ago to recognize individuals and teams who made a significant contribution to the European semiconductor and related industries. Prior award recipients hailed from these companies: Infineon, Semilab, Deutsche Solar, STMicroelectronics, IMEC, Fraunhofer Institute, and more.

Congratulations, Albert!

Update: Somebody (not Albert) sent me a picture from the award ceremony:


  1. Harvey (Herve) HornungOctober 9, 2014 at 5:33 AM

    Congrats Albert!

  2. Congrats Albert!

  3. Bravo Albert !

    -yang ni

  4. Hello everyone ! Thanks for your kind reactions. I am pretty sure that Eric Fossum took the picture. YES, he was there to attend the ceremony. In parallel to the SEMI Award ceremony, the imaging track of the SEMI conferences took place. So there were much more imaging people around, but they were not aware of the award ceremoney. Only Eric and Jean-Luc were informed. Nevertheless, I really appreciate all the support I get from my customers, my colleagues/peers in the field. "There's more to the picture than meet the eye !"

  5. clap, clap , clap ...

  6. On behalf of the folks from Aptina, (now ON Semiconductor) congratulations, Albert!

  7. Congrats Albert!

  8. Congratulations Albert. ~~ES


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