Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Yole on Medical Image Sensor Market

Yole Developpement releases a "Solid State Medical Imaging: X-ray and Endoscopy" report.

"The solid-state medical image sensors market is driven by two major applications: X-ray imaging and endoscopy. The global Medical Image Sensors market will grow in volume from 2.1M units in 2013 to 6.7M units by 2019, fueled by emerging endoscopy products like camera pills and disposable endoscopes. These emerging products will enjoy broad adoption in clinical practices, owing to incentives being provided in Europe and the U.S. to reduce nosocomial infections.

From a revenue standpoint, the medical image sensors market will grow at a significant 11% CAGR from 2014-2019, and is expected to reach $142M by 2019. X-ray image sensors account for 93% of total medical image sensors market revenue, due to the high cost of X-ray sensors.

The medical image sensors market is characterized by a straight duality between X-ray imaging and endoscopy applications on price and volume. X-ray imaging is a very high-end application with a multitude of players, while endoscopy is a high-volume, low-price point application with a limited number of players.


  1. Pretty narrow view considering the volume of sensors in clinical and diagnostic instruments.

    1. Did you expect anything else from a marketing report ? Over the years I learned that you pay a lot of money for information you knew already. These guys get the information from the same sources as you, put it in a nicely-looking report and try to sell it ....

    2. Actually Anon be aware that a very few people know the industry as well as you seem to. Think about investors, companies wanting to diversify, or simply decision makers that need to confirm data before making an investment. This is where having an external point of view is valuable. These reports are not only meant to satisfy the curiosity of the experts that are knowledgeable, but rather to make the knowledge accessible to people that are not experts.


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